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This is a challenge that involves my ability to stand the test of time - and my save file's ability to not go corrupt. This is the Ultimate Decade's Challenge (the one by Morbid). It takes the classic tale of starting earlier in history and moving forward. But instead of starting in, say, the 19th century... this one goes way, way back. 

How far back? 

Around the 14th century, or, as the plebs would say... 1300 exactly.

I have two setups going and they'll cover exactly the same things

The first is Centuries of-


These are more story-oriented, less bogged-down-by dice rolls and me crying about the unfairness of life. It tells the story of families throughout the timelines in the frame of the story. Centuries of Longing will cover the stories of the peasant families (of which is my starting families until I grow to have more). Centuries of Greed is when I elevate to my first merchant class families and move up in the world with other families. Centuries of Jealousy will cover the many noble families and their fights to stay alive. Finally, Centuries of Gluttony cover the excess that royalty takes up.

If you would like to read the stories in order of how they're posted rather than by class, you'll want to use the By Year category.

If you love suffering, or are just here for my facts, you'll want the Years by the Facts category. There will be side-by-side pictures, including my dice rolls, to explain how I'm getting the results that are seen in my Centuries challenge.

Centuries of (insert adjective) - Stories sorted by class/caste/titles

By Year - All stories in calendar order

Years by the Facts - No story, just suffering.



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